Strange crashes while simulating PCMs

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Greetings, everyone.

I am currently simulating a construction without air conditioning system (it only uses natural ventilation), applying different types of PCMs in different positions, hopping to obtain better thermal comfort aspects. I'm using the hysteresis method and the CondFD as the Heat Balance algorithm. This facts are just for contextualization.

I've been registering strange crashes during this simulations, and those crashes only occur in the ending of the simulation. Since the last update (March 2020, version 9.3), I've been re-simulating the IDFs, just to have the results from the state of art version. However, the crashes were happening with the older versions too.

Detailing the crash: E+ will run without any problems. It will generate a .csv file with the daily temperatures as the output variable, but this .csv file does not have the results for the last 2 days of December, 30 and 31. E+ does not generate the tables file - the one you open using your internet browser - and the error/warning file is not completed; it simply stops the text abruptly. E+ also generates a meter file, which is an empty Excel file.

This crash happens with some of the IDFs, not all of them, and, sometimes, it just doesn't occur. The crash message does not suggest any correction or anything like that, and, since the event of the crash is not happening in one specific IDF, I really don't know what could be happening. Sometimes, if I re-simulate the file the crash won't occur, but, sometimes it does. It really doesn't have a pattern. When I re-simulate, the previous results do not change, however, E+ only adds the last 2 missing days.

The RunPeriod is correct. I've been wondering if it could be related to the weather file.

I'm a scientific initiation researcher and I've started to work with E+ this year.

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