How do I control water flow to fluid cooler and Ground heat exchanger in multi source heat pump?

asked 2024-04-30 12:45:39 -0500

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updated 2024-05-01 09:18:17 -0500

I am trying to create a model for Multi source heat pump in Energy Plus, Having the ground source and Fluid cooler. In my model fluid cooler should works only in cooling load when the outlet temperature of water out from ground source is higher than outlet from fluid cooler. My Plan is model should select the more effective source whether ground or fluid cooler according to the demand . So how can I get such control in my energy plus model, at the moment water is flowing in both source and and fluid cooler running only in cooling load but model is not selecting the more effective source, fluid cooler also running when ground loop is fulfilling demand. Please if anyone can help me with control way. Thank you in advance.

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