Installation error on Apple Computer: exit code 255?

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I am trying to help a student. I have a class of ~250. Easily 1/3rd use Apple Computers. I have today encountered an error for which Dr Google and searching this forum has not supplied an answer.

She is using LadyBug Tools (LBT). We need to install v 3.6.1 of Open Studio and we encounter an error during installation that I do not understand. As LBT reports it cannot "see" the OpenStudio calculator, I am assuming the error msg is a problem, even though the Application/OpenStudio folder seems to contain all I would need/want. The error is:

Error during installation process (Unspecified): Execution failed (Unexpected exit code 255): "/Applications/OpenStudio-3.6.1/bin/install_utility Install

The computer is a Core i7 CPU Macbook Pro and we are installing thimage descriptione appropriate x86_64 Open Studio.

Any / all suggestions welcomed.

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@the_donn, to narrow down the issue:

  • Core i7 processors have been installed in MacBook Pro's as far back as 2010. MacOS version?
  • Exit code error 255 pops up when installing the OpenStudio SDK (not LBT), correct?
  • You state that the OpenStudio folder seems complete. Can you interact with it at all? From a Terminal, what's the output of:

    /Applications/OpenStudio-3.6.1/bin/openstudio openstudio_version

Denis Bourgeois's avatar Denis Bourgeois  ( 2024-05-03 05:14:49 -0500 )edit