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What is meant by End Uses Fans in EPLUS outputs

asked 2024-05-06 11:52:57 -0500

updated 2024-05-07 05:27:10 -0500

Dear community,

I am using HVAC template:System Unitary modules for my EnergyPlus model to calculate HVAC energy demand under different building scenarios. I further use Zone:Ventilation:Design Flowrate module to simulate natural ventilation of the building. Actually I am using a mixed-mode condition.

In the simulation result summary table I am getting energy demand under Fans which I do not understand due to what? (Please check the image attached). I am really greatful if you could help me with this.

Thank you! image description

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1 Answer

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answered 2024-05-07 07:23:57 -0500

updated 2024-05-07 08:39:09 -0500

In the OutputDetailsAndExamples.pdf, under the section on eplustbl.<ext>, the Annual Building Performance Summary is described and includes the following:

"The values in the End Uses sub-table are from report meters. To determine which components are attached to each end-use meter, consult the meter details output file (*.mtd)."

And when you look in the file for your simulation with the extension ".mtd" (which is also described in the OutputDetailsAndExamples.pdf and here).

That file contains two types of lists:

  1. first are lists that show for a specific output variable what meters are they collected under
  2. later are lists that show for a specific meter what output variables are included.

This second type of list will help you answer your question by searching for the word "fan" you will find a list:

  • For Meter=Fans:Electricity [J], ResourceType=Electricity, EndUse=Fans, contents are:

and under that will indicate every output variable that is included there. In general, it is going to be all the fans in your building. The individual fan output variables are generally described in the InputOutputReference.pdf. For most models, the outdoor condenser fan is not included in the fan energy. Fan energy is generally the supply and return fans and other fans intended for the movement of air inside the building. For DX systems, the condenser fan is never included in the ABUPS table for electric fan energy use.

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