BCL Create DOE Prototype Building measure: Fixing Errors

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I'm attempting to fix all the warnings in most of the building models created by the Create DOE Prototype Building measure in the BCL and am hoping for some advice on how to fix the errors correctly. I'm confident I can make the warnings go away, but I don't have the experience to know whether or not I fixed the error and made a bad model or not.

A prevalent error in the models is

** Warning ** SizeDXCoil Coil:Cooling:DX:TwoSpeed DINING ZN PSZ-AC 2SPD DX AC CLG COIL 301KBTU/HR 10.0EER
**   ~~~   ** ...High Speed Gross Rated Total Cooling Capacity [W] will be limited by the minimum rated volume flow per rated total capacity ratio.
**   ~~~   ** ...DX coil volume flow rate (m3/s ) = 3.489870
**   ~~~   ** ...Requested capacity (W ) = 87851.317
**   ~~~   ** ...Requested flow/capacity ratio (m3/s/W ) = 3.972E-005
**   ~~~   ** ...Minimum flow/capacity ratio (m3/s/W ) = 4.027E-005
**   ~~~   ** ...Adjusted capacity ( W ) = 86661.794

This particular error is from the DOE Full Service Restaurant. I've already cleaned up the model significantly, so I have provided a google drive link

Thanks for your help!

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