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Adjusting the building square footage of an existing osm in SketchUp

asked 2024-04-26 02:45:23 -0500

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updated 2024-04-26 09:06:24 -0500

Hi All, I have a detailed OpenStudio model for a highrise residential building and I need to create multiple versions of it with different total building square footages (I have multiple scenarios in terms of the size and number of dwelling units). I tried scaling my geometry in SkechUp Plugin, but when I open the modified model in OpenStudio the geometry looks broken and different from what I see in SketchUp (it looks like when I scale the software create additional surfaces and keep the original surfaces). I did run the simulation with the modified model, I didn't get any error but the total square footage in the report is still the same as my original model. Does anyone know have a similar experience and can anyone think of a solution for changing the square footage of an existing model? Thanks

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1 Answer

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answered 2024-04-27 12:46:43 -0500

I don't think SketchUp Plug-in responds correctly to the scale tool in SketchUp. An alternative is to use the scale geometry measure at

Also reported at

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