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bsdf file and actual geometry

I'm trying to model light louver for daylight autonomy.

I was reading the presentation about BSDF files and it mentioned that it works with and without the geometry of the element (like louvers or blinds,etc).

In the xml file I have for the light louver,

    <Thickness unit="meter">0.068</Thickness>
    <Width unit="meter">0.300</Width>
    <Height unit="meter">0.025</Height>

I'm a bit confused whether I can apply this xml file to the window that I have, since the dimensions are different. And looks like this file is just for one slat, does it automatically multiply according to the window width and height? (I don't see anything for distance between slats in this xml).

This might be a question for whoever created this xml file. But I want to know if the bsdf file usually includes dimension data, and what is the proper process to assign this to a window for daylight analysis if dimension data is included.