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Proper Dual Duct Setpoints

I recently created a model in OpenStudio 1.13 with a dual-duct HVAC system. I am confused because when I expanded the deadband for the zone temperatures, my EUI increases instead of decreases.

I started the model with very conservative zone heating and cooling setpoints: 72 Htg, 74 Clg

When I expanded the zone setpoints to a very liberal 65 Htg, 85 Clg as an experiment, my EUI increased!

Ideally, I should be saving lots of energy by expanding the setpoints so much. I checked to make sure I was using the same weather file and I've applied the schedules correctly. I concluded that I must have something wrong with the way I set up my dual-duct coil setpoints. I did my best to match what was written on the design documents, but now I suspect that I have not implemented them the right way.

Does anyone have any advice as to why this is occuring or how I should adjust the setpoints in the system below?

image description