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CBECC-COM Room/Zone needs to have at least 3 surfaces

Can someone please tell me where can I find the documentation for CBECC-COM or EnergyPlus explaining this requirement?

I'm using CBECC-COM for California T-24 simulation. And CBECC-COM requires all zones (including unconditioned zones) have at least 3 surfaces (and one of them needs to be the floor).

I'm trying to understand whether this is a CBECC-COM requirement or an EnergyPlus requirement. I also want to understand how CBECC-COM or EnergyPlus treats these 3 surfaces and how would the surface area affects the calculation. Does CBECC-COM use those three surface to construct a geometry?

I looked up the California ACM and the CBECC-COM manuals but didn't find anything. Thanks.