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I need to find correct vertex and starting coordinates values

asked 2023-06-14 04:55:13 -0600

r.abbasinejad's avatar

updated 2023-06-14 11:56:56 -0600

I want to model a cubic room with walls faced north, west, south, and east. The room dimension is 5x5x2.7 m. with a window fully covered the north wall. I have no additional software such as sketch up, open studio, or etc. I entered all data by hand to idf editor After hundreds times of trying I was successful to receive output from the energy plus but still the room surfaces have not edge on another surface. Can somebody help me what are vertices and starting coordinates for each of surfaces? Thank you.

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Could you post the IDF inputs of the 6x BuildingSurface:Detailed faces that delineate your 5x5x2.7m room? By default, E+ expects (for a rectangular wall) a top-left origin and a counter-clockwise sequence of vertices (as if drawing the letter "U") when looking at the wall from outside the room. Start with that, then see if adding the window triggered the error.

Denis Bourgeois's avatar Denis Bourgeois  ( 2023-06-15 06:23:27 -0600 )edit

Hi Denis Thank you for your reply. I use Energy plus 8.9.0 and the IDF file data for room surfaces are such as following. Would you please guide me what is wrong with this data. I have tried to accurately find the correct data. I entered data in RoofCeiling:Detailed, Floor:Detailed, Wall:Exterior, Roof, and Floor Adiabatic field:

r.abbasinejad's avatar r.abbasinejad  ( 2023-06-15 06:46:04 -0600 )edit

Walls information: IDF,Wall:Exterior, North wall ext,Walls_Construction,Zone 1,0,90,0,5,0,5,2.7;Wall:Exterior, East wall ext,Walls_Construction,Zone 1,90,90,5,5,0,5,2.7;Wall:Exterior, West wall ext,Walls_Construction,Zone 1,270,90,0,0,0,5,2.7;Wall:Exterior, South wall ext,Walls_Construction,Zone 1,180,90,5,0,0,5,2.7;

r.abbasinejad's avatar r.abbasinejad  ( 2023-06-15 06:46:21 -0600 )edit

Roof information: IDF,Roof,Roof,Roof_Construction,Zone 1,0,0,0,5,2.7,5,5; and IDF,RoofCeiling:Detailed,Roof_Ceiling,Roof_Construction,Zone 1,Adiabatic,Roof,SunExposed,WindExposed,autocalculate,autocalculate,0,5,2.7,0,0,2.7,5,0,2.7,5,5,2.7,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;

Floor information: IDF,Floor:Adiabatic,Floor_Adiabatic,Floor_Construction,Zone 1,0,180,0,0,0,5,5; and IDF,Floor:Detailed,Floor,Floor_Construction,Zone 1,Adiabatic,Floor,NoSun,NoWind,autocalculate,autocalculate,0,0,0,0,5,0,5,5,0,5,0,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;

Best wishes

r.abbasinejad's avatar r.abbasinejad  ( 2023-06-15 06:46:37 -0600 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2023-06-15 12:16:53 -0600

updated 2023-06-15 12:20:58 -0600

(disclosure: I rarely use/diagnose simple rectangular surfaces like Wall:Exterior; maybe others can chime in).

Issue #1 : A surface like Wall:Exterior requires both a Zone Name & Space Name. As shown in this example, add a double comma after the Zone Name, e.g.:

  North wall ext,     ! Name
  Walls_Construction, ! Construction Name
  Zone 1,,            ! Zone Name & (blank) Space Name
  0,                  ! Azimuth (North)
  90,                 ! Tilt Angle
  5,                  ! Starting X Coordinate
  5,                  ! Starting Y Coordinate
  0,                  ! Starting Z Coordinate
  5,                  ! Length
  2.7;                ! Height

Without those double commas, I couldn't render the surfaces in SketchUp for instance. Once fixed, the walls were generated as follows:

image description

EDIT: I had forgotten you're using E+ v8.9 (which doesn't require Space Names - my bad). So you don't have to consider this first issue. I'm keeping it nonetheless as a reminder for others.

Issue #2 : There's an obvious mix-up between azimuth angles and XY origins (bottom-left corner when looking at the wall from the exterior of the zone). Consider the following fix:

- north wall (Azimuth   0) X:5 Y:5
- east wall  (Azimuth  90) X:5 Y:0
- south wall (Azimuth 180) X:0 Y:0
- west wall  (Azimuth 270) X:0 Y:5

Issue #3 : You provided 2x roof surfaces, and 2x floor surfaces (1x of each is enough). I did need to reset the XY origins of both (as follows):

  Roof,              ! Name
  Roof_Construction, ! Construction Name
  Zone 1,,           ! Zone & Space Name
  0,                 ! Azimuth Angle
  0,                 ! Tilt Angle
  5,                 ! Starting X Coordinate
  5,                 ! Starting Y Coordinate
  2.7,               ! Starting Z Coordinate
  5,                 ! Length
  5;                 ! Width

  Floor_Construction, ! Construction Name
  Zone 1,,            ! Zone & Surface Name
  0,                  ! Azimuth Angle
  180,                ! Tilt Angle
  5,                  ! Starting X Coordinate
  0,                  ! Starting Y Coordinate
  0,                  ! Starting Z Coordinate
  5,                  ! Length
  5;                  ! Width

image description

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Hi Denis. Thank you very much for your detailed guidance. I tried your recommendations and now the file became as: IDF,Wall:Exterior,North wall ext,Walls_Construction,Zone 1,0,90, 5,5,0,5,2.7; Wall:Exterior,East wall ext,Walls_Construction,Zone 1,90,90,5, 0,0,5,2.7; Wall:Exterior,West wall ext,Walls_Construction,Zone 1,270,90,0, 5,0,5,2.7; Wall:Exterior,South wall ext,Walls_Construction,Zone 1,180,90, 0, 0,0,5,2.7;

IDF,Roof,Roof,Roof_Construction,Zone 1,0,0, 5,5,2.7,5,5;

IDF,Floor:Adiabatic,Floor_Adiabatic,Floor_Construction,Zone 1,0,180, 5,0,0,5,5;

But still geometry problem exists.

r.abbasinejad's avatar r.abbasinejad  ( 2023-06-15 19:02:14 -0600 )edit

What do you think?

r.abbasinejad's avatar r.abbasinejad  ( 2023-06-15 19:02:33 -0600 )edit

Another thing please please tell me data for GlobalGeometryRules. Thank you very much

r.abbasinejad's avatar r.abbasinejad  ( 2023-06-15 19:45:06 -0600 )edit

Hi @r.abbasinejad. I'm able to reproduce the same valid geometry (as shown above) with your revised coordinates. Again, I'm testing this against E+ v23.1 - not 8.9 (maybe there's something specific to 8.9, but I'm not seeing in the docs). You can look up the GlobalgeometryRules here. Otherwise, the easiest is to share the entire IDF.

Denis Bourgeois's avatar Denis Bourgeois  ( 2023-06-16 16:13:25 -0600 )edit

Hi Denis Could you please give me your email address or either type of fast and efficient contact? Then I can send you the entire IDF file and can have even better interaction to solve the problem. Thank you very much. Best wishes.

r.abbasinejad's avatar r.abbasinejad  ( 2023-06-16 17:11:20 -0600 )edit

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