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EnergyPlus-Version Update from 7.0 to 9.6

asked 2021-10-19 07:16:15 -0600

DavidFGG gravatar image

updated 2021-10-19 08:57:15 -0600

I want to update an IDF file made on EP 7.0 to the latest IDF format for EP 9.6 in order to open the file in OS.

However, when i use the IDF Version Updater a got this warning. image description

When I go to the EP website and click the link to "Older Transition Programs" at the bottom of the download section, a warning that "License has expired" appears. image description

So, how can I update version 7.0 to 9.6?

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1 Answer

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answered 2021-10-19 09:32:06 -0600

That link should be updated, until then try:

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Tnx ... found the solution with this post here.

DavidFGG gravatar image DavidFGG  ( 2021-10-22 01:24:50 -0600 )edit

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