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good tools for viewing energyplus output htm file

asked 2015-10-27 16:14:11 -0600

xchen's avatar

updated 2017-06-04 10:16:48 -0600

i'm pretty new to energyplus so curious to know if there is any good tool to view the result file .htm? other than just open it from the browser?

and is there any good way to compare the baseline and proposed case input/output side by side?


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3 Answers

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answered 2015-10-27 17:35:41 -0600

The EnergyPlus development team uses a TableDiff utility that compares output HTML table files and summarizes differences. I don't know if it's publicly available but we could easily make it so. I also don't know if that is exactly what you are looking for. LBNL recently developed a utility for comparing IDF files. And I am not sure about the public status of that either, but will check. Calling @YixingChen.

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@__AmirRoth__ The IDF Diff is still used/developed in house. We may make it publicly available soon.

Yixing Chen's avatar Yixing Chen  ( 2015-10-27 18:07:46 -0600 )edit

Thanks Amir. I think that's pretty much what I'm looking for. Let me know if you can make TableDiff utility publicly available. And I would love to know more about the utility comparing IDF files from LBNL too. (but understood if it's not public:))

xchen's avatar xchen  ( 2015-10-27 18:21:26 -0600 )edit

@yuna You can contact me if you want to try the beta version of IDF diff.

Yixing Chen's avatar Yixing Chen  ( 2015-10-27 22:29:05 -0600 )edit

I want to try the beta version of idf diff. How can i contact you ?

ngkhanh's avatar ngkhanh  ( 2015-10-29 14:56:10 -0600 )edit

@ngkhanh Search my name in LBNL phonebook, you should be able to find my email address.

Yixing Chen's avatar Yixing Chen  ( 2015-10-29 15:34:36 -0600 )edit

answered 2015-10-27 19:30:32 -0600

xchen's avatar

I just realized that there's a EP-Compare.exe in the EP PostProcess folder which does side by side comparison of the html file. It could be useful for some cases.

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EP-Compare was designed to compare multiple HTML output files from EnergyPlus. It shows graphs for each table in the output.

JasonGlazer's avatar JasonGlazer  ( 2015-10-28 06:28:26 -0600 )edit

answered 2015-10-27 17:38:45 -0600

You can view the HTML in other ways, we open it in excel sometimes and use a comparison tool we have developed there for comparison. Also the ESO viewer I find to be invaluable when it comes to diagnosing your model, I just use the HTML to report results.

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great, thanks Annie, I didn't realize I could open it in excel, which is much better already.

xchen's avatar xchen  ( 2015-10-27 18:17:21 -0600 )edit

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