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If you look in the <filename>.mtd file you will see the meter details which contains what you are looking for. It is documented at:

And click on the link for "eplusout.mtd"

(The link directly to that portion did not seem to work when I tried it).

It is described as:

The meter details file consists of two parts:

  • For report variables that are on meters, it shows all the meters that the report variable is on. In the following example, “Meters for” , is shown and then the meters that accumulate the value of that variable as a “meter”.

  • For each meter, the report variables that make up that meter are shown. In the following example, “For Meter=” , “contents are:” and then each variable that occurs on that “meter” are shown.

I think what you want is in the second half. Unfortunately, the list of output variables that are contained in Electricity:Facility is usually very long, often dozens or hundreds of variables.

To include them in the ESO file, each one would need an Output:Variable object.