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I have not seen this issue before but I have a couple of ideas to try to fix it.

  1. Try going to VIEW .. LAYOUT OPTIONS and try one of of the other layouts. If that works, switch back and see if the layout you like works now.

  2. The bar that allows for resizing of the top and bottom of the window may be messed up so see if you if you move your mouse over the window if a vertical arrow replaces your mouse cursor (with arrows on top and bottom). If it does, click at that point and try dragging upward.

  3. Try maximizing the file window (the sub-window), resizing it, minimizing it.

  4. If all else fails, you can reset the Windows registry entries for the IDF Editor. Close IDF Editor. Go to your start menu and search for "regedit" and then select it. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER .. Software .. VB and VBA Program Settings .. IDF Editor. On IDF Editor press the delete key and answer yes to the confirmation box. Open IDF Editor and hopefully your window will appear normal.