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2017-10-19 09:24:17 -0600 commented answer Window Assembly U-Factor, SHGC in EnergyPlus

The ASHRAE project ended up not getting integrated into EnergyPlus proper. However, since then there has been a similar

2017-08-08 09:18:46 -0600 edited question Fatal error when using energyplus

Fatal error when using energyplus This is a severe error and am unable to rectify it.... Severe ** Control Type Schedu

2017-08-08 09:18:13 -0600 edited question Fatal error when using energyplus

Fatal error when using energyplus Severe * Control Type Schedule=ZONE CONTROL TYPE * ~~~ * ..specifies contr

2017-08-08 09:17:37 -0600 edited question Fatal error when using energyplus

Fatal error when using energyplus Severe * Control Type Schedule=ZONE CONTROL TYPE * ~~~ * ..specifies contr

2017-08-02 13:45:28 -0600 answered a question how to build EnergyPlus IDF file in Google SketchUp?

Euclid IS the Legacy OpenStudio Plugin. It is the only way (that I'm aware of) to create an EnergyPlus IDF file directly

2017-06-14 10:31:59 -0600 answered a question i created a geometry in blender and imported into sketchup for converting into energyplus file but am unable to create zones for the imported file

Euclid will not interpret normal SketchUp surfaces as EnergyPlus surfaces unless they are drawn in an EnergyPlus zone gr

2017-05-29 08:41:04 -0600 commented question interior opening

@hzfywqr What software are you using? Please tag your question with the name of the software so others know how to best

2017-05-22 10:10:20 -0600 commented answer Foundation boundary condition (Foundation:Kiva)

That's a good approach! You can use the indoor air temperatures from EnergyPlus as input in Kiva and generate a PNG snap

2017-05-22 09:27:33 -0600 answered a question Foundation boundary condition (Foundation:Kiva)

At this point there is no way to output temperatures within the slab or the soil surrounding the foundation. The tempera

2017-05-18 10:29:02 -0600 commented answer Help: which algorithm to use???

Glad to help! Thanks for the kind words!

2017-05-18 09:42:54 -0600 answered a question Help: which algorithm to use???

Heat transfer through transparent surfaces in EnergyPlus is calculated using a steady-state heat balance across each pan

2017-03-30 16:27:24 -0600 commented answer does energyplus modify air density based on elevation (both indoor and outdoor air)

When the planets align : ). The committee is working hard towards an advisory public review. Hopefully the APR will be out this summer. The real question is when will the standard be adopted.

2017-03-30 15:53:18 -0600 commented answer does energyplus modify air density based on elevation (both indoor and outdoor air)

Correct. The effectiveness of the outdoor coil will depend on the density of air flowing across it. This must be implicitly characterized by your EIR and capacity curves, EnergyPlus will not account for this automatically. I'm not aware of anyone quantifying this impact, but it is covered by the upcoming ASHRAE Standard 205.

2017-03-29 17:42:25 -0600 answered a question does energyplus modify air density based on elevation (both indoor and outdoor air)

Yes. EnergyPlus calculates the outdoor barometric pressure based on elevation. Density of air within the air systems is calculated based on outdoor barometric pressure.

2017-03-29 09:34:18 -0600 commented question I met this error. Please help!!

You need to install SketchUp.

2017-03-29 09:32:08 -0600 commented question Humidity Capacity Multiplier @Open Studio Software

@aysgldmir what software are you using? Please tag it in your question so it's easier to help you.

2017-03-28 17:32:29 -0600 commented question I met this error. Please help!!

@ChunHang_Ang what software are you using? Please include this in your tags so we can better help you.

2017-03-28 16:50:54 -0600 answered a question Force EnergyPlus Output Meter to Include Year?

You can create a custom EMS output variable using the built-in Year variable. It will be a separate column in your output, but at least it will appear somewhere.

Keep in mind that if you are using a TMY weather file the year value will jump around for each month and probably won't be very useful.

2017-03-28 16:11:40 -0600 edited question How are the Process Subtotal (\$) and Total Energy Cost (\$) calculated in the Utility Bills/Rates section of Open Studio Results.

I am investigating the affects of precooling and thermal energy storage on a couple of different building models. I have implemented a time of use utility tariff structure using a measure. I would expect to see cost savings for both precooling and TES but when I run the simulations against my baseline case I get a greater Total Energy Cost vs my baseline case. However, I get a lower Process Subtotal for both precooling and TES when compared to the baseline case. Any insight into how both of these outputs are calculated are greatly appreciated.

2017-02-13 14:13:23 -0600 commented answer Roof insulation ↑ cooling loads ↑ why ? OpenStudio

@adhilton we just fixed MathJAX. Sorry for the trouble.

2016-12-19 11:10:49 -0600 commented question Struggling with Mechanical Ventilation

No worries, @Silvano! Looks like someone else helped out.

2016-12-18 18:18:58 -0600 commented question Struggling with Mechanical Ventilation

What software are you using? Please use the tags to indicate.

2016-12-13 10:29:08 -0600 commented question heat gains through glazing more than losses in design builder

Can you be more specific? What exactly the problem? If the heat gains are greater than the losses, you should see either a) the gains offset by a cooling system, or b) a rise in zone temperature. If you are not seeing one of those two responses, then there may be an energy balance problem.

2016-11-23 11:53:59 -0600 commented question Any updates on how to model and atrium in OS/EP?

@Eric Ringold, and @Jason DeGraw this should be fixed now. Let me know if you still have problems.

2016-11-21 11:16:22 -0600 asked a question What sources are available for typical weather data beyond

It's hard to believe this question hasn't been asked before, but I couldn't find it. Plenty of similar questions for historical and real weather data:

but nothing that asks about the traditional "typical year" weather data that is used for design. So here it is:

Outside of (and this related site), what other sources are available for typical year weather data for locations that are not otherwise covered (or poorly covered)?

2016-10-19 09:32:13 -0600 commented question Is reliable?

@hutan, this question has been discussed elsewhere. Please see these questions: What are the available sources for historical weather data? and What is the best way to create an EPW weather file from real data?. If these don't give the answer you're looking for, please make your question more specific.

2016-07-27 12:35:47 -0600 answered a question Merging unmethours accounts

We do not have a way to automatically merge accounts.

If possible, please do not create multiple accounts. You should be able to simply change the email address associated with your account and keep the same account going.

2016-07-07 19:46:09 -0600 marked best answer Metrics to gut check residential model results?

What metrics do people use to gut check residential building model results?

So far, my measuring stick for quality assurance is creating a similar model in BEopt. This works pretty well, but it's definitely a substantial time commitment just to get a comparison point.

For commercial buildings, there are several sources that will give ranges of typical Energy Use Intensities (EUIs) for different building types in different climates.

To my knowledge, there is no real equivalent reference point for residential buildings. This makes sense. Residential buildings are more varied and are envelope dominated. Not all loads can be expected to scale well with building floor area.

Does anybody know of a good alternative?

2016-07-06 10:00:33 -0600 commented question CONTROLLER:MECHANICALVENTILATION Required Field=[Zone 1 Name] was blank

@Julien Marrec better tag moderation is our top priority. We are looking into solutions, but it may be a while still before we can deploy something.

2016-06-20 18:35:49 -0600 commented question List of measure writers for hire?

Maybe @macumber knows of such a resource. I suggest asking him.

2016-06-15 16:15:30 -0600 edited question How to describe a opening between two zones in SU with legacy open studio

Sometimes, there is no internal wall between two zones, but just a opening. So, how to describe this are in SU with legacy open studio. Though I can draw this situation in SU software, I'm not sure whether this method accord with the principle of software

2016-06-15 16:14:31 -0600 commented question Setpoint Manager deleted but still showing up in IDF, causing errors

@jugonzal07 I added the "openstudio" tag to your question. This helps people find your question better among the other BEM software tools discussed on this site.

2016-06-10 10:05:57 -0600 answered a question Leaves Simulation

Rather than simulating individual leaves, I would just adjust the transmittance of a large shading surface to reflect the effective amount of sunlight passing through the vegetation. The model you are creating is going to take very long to simulate with such complex shading calculations.

2016-06-10 10:02:43 -0600 commented question VRF system reference vs. LG

@HJOJOA, as a courtesy you might consider relaxing on the caps lock. People will still see your questions. Thank you!

2016-06-10 09:59:59 -0600 edited question VRF system reference vs. LG

I did a proyect using the reference VRF, now i did download the LG library from BCL, how can I replace the existing condenser with lg condenser?

2016-06-09 16:37:58 -0600 edited question How to load an air cooled chiller from BCL


Can anyone tell me, how to load in OPEN STUDIO a BCL AIR COOLED chiller?

2016-05-30 04:13:37 -0600 marked best answer Why does EnergyPlus take so much longer to simulate than DOE-2?

What is EnergyPlus doing that DOE-2 isn't that requires so much additional computation time? Even when they are both performing hourly simulations, EnergyPlus takes significantly longer.

2016-05-25 09:58:01 -0600 commented question Updating ref. temp. in convection term of EnergyPlus zonal balance Equation

It's not clear what you mean by "Reference Temperature". Do you mean the equation at the top of this page? If so, convection is calculated from the difference of the surface temperature and the zone temperature. Are you referring to one of these?

2016-04-29 15:55:38 -0600 commented answer Hide Old Questions - For example, those with confusing wording that haven't been answered in many months

I see. I'll look into changing that.

2016-04-29 14:54:23 -0600 commented answer Hide Old Questions - For example, those with confusing wording that haven't been answered in many months

Yes! Just click on "by date" to sort by date.