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Energy Plus Two water heaters with two source sides in the same loop.

I'm trying to model two different water heaters in the same loop. The first water heater use solar collector to heating with a bypass. The second water heater use a heat pump air to water as a backup heater. But no matter how I model this system I end up with the same error:

** Severe  ** Plant Component WaterHeater:HeatPump:PumpedCondenser called "HEATPUMPCONDENSER" was not found on any plant loops.
**   ~~~   ** Looking for matching inlet Node="HPH INLET NODE".
**  Fatal  ** InitWaterThermalTank: Program terminated due to previous condition(s).

Is there some different way to model this problem? Is it possible to model this way and is something I don't see? If you have any insights I can send my IDF file!