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Load vs Demand vs Consumption [ESL question]

Hi, everyone! English is a second language for me so distinctions between those terms are a bit confusing to me.

Here are my assumptions for heating period so far:

Heating load - is the amount of energy a space with occupancy and plug loads needs to receive in winter to maintain its temperature within set points (no air changes or re-circulation or anything else; mostly energy transfer except for infiltration).

Heating demand - is the amount of energy an HVAC system will provide to condition that space and to condition outdoor air before supplying it to the space.

Heating consumption - is the amount of energy that will be consumed by that HVAC system to satisfy the heating demand. [If the system uses only electric heaters then demand = consumption; if the system uses heat pumps then demand > consumption).

Are my assumptions reasonable? Please, correct me where I am wrong.

My follow up question would be: where can I see each of these values in the DesignBuilder simulation report? Or EnergyPlus report?