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Boiler Hourly Loads Energy Plus

Hi all, working on a boiler with radiant floor heat model. I have the system set to auto size the boiler and all thermal zones. I have energy bills from the building I am trying to model so know what to expect for an electricity and gas consumption as well as peak loads. When I run the model, electricity and peak loads are a good match, but my gas consumption is more than double what it should be. I spent 2 days trying to figure out the issue and I have determined that something seems off with the sizing. My peak heating load is 34 kW (116 MBH) for a design temperature of -27 C (-18 F) which is great, very reasonable. But when I look at the hourly boiler heating rate. I am getting peak loads every hour of the day from January until March, even when the outdoor air temperature is well above design day temperatures. Does anyone know how the loads are being calculated? Why are my loads so constant, they should fluctuate significantly through out the year.