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Difference between editing buildstock.csv versus location + location-region.tsv?


  1. Using "project_singlefamilydetached" and opening that in the Parametric Analysis Tool
  2. Only looking at 10 buildings at a time; Downselect Logic is left empty

I produced "completed invalid workflow" data points every time I entered a "Location Region| CR00" option in the Downselect Logic cell, so I gave up, and decided to go off of the Manual Sampling note in the ResStock tutorial, editing the buildstock.csv instead.

However, a peer of mine told me that it's better to one hot encode the location.tsv and locations-region.tsv file instead to filter locations for data points, or else anything I put in Apply Upgrade won't go through. I really can't tell the difference, but can someone let me know, are there any differences between editing buildstock.csv versus editing location+location-region.tsv? Is it true that if I include an edited buildstock.csv file within the "housing_characteristics" directory, my Apply Upgrade inputs won't apply? And when I say "won't apply" I mean in the context of my results.csv file, autogenerated within the localResults directory of project_singlefamilydetached after running PAT.

Context: I wish to simulate using only the MI_Alpena.County.Rgnl.AP.726390 location, within CR04