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How to model ducts?

We are doing a research project to explicitly model duct leakage in a building. The model needs to take into account the geometry of the ducts. In the past for EnergyPlus 8.0, we explicitly modeled ducts as individual zones with many leakages specified for each surface of the duct, and we took into account different amounts of leakages further down the length of a duct. For instance, the multistory building had a vertical duct to feed all the zones in the building, so the top and bottom zones of the duct leaked different amounts. Creating the model was a laborious endeavor.

However, we are happy to note that the AirFlowNetwork has been upgraded significantly since EnergyPlus 8.0 and we are hoping there is a more straightforward way to model the differing amounts of leaks in the duct system. How would you go about making a detailed simulation of duct leaks in the most recent version of EnergyPlus?