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Resstock Area error

Hi All, I am writing to seek answers to a couple of questions facing issues in resstock. I am using AMI 2.6.0

I am attempting to use resstock to generate certain custom built homes by defining parameters in buildstock.csv. I have set the Geometry House Size parameter as 0-1499. However, the homes are being sized for more than the range. When I checked the split between conditioned and unconditioned building areas in the energy plus tables, I found the conditioned area to lie in the specified range but the total area of the building was far above 1499. Does the geometry house size parameter only define the conditioned building area and not the net area? This keeps happening irrespective of the area specification.

My second question is about an error in the sizing of the slab insulation. The homes with Slab specified in the Geometry Foundation Type throw up an error as below and crash. ["Could not find value for 'SizingInfoSlabRvalue|{77d4c258-081e-49f1-9e09-0c876511ea51}' with datatype double."] i am not sure if this operation happens on the local computer or the server. If it happens on the server, has there been a change lately to the AMI?

It would be great if anyone can help tide over this problem...