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CBECC-COM DDY files - negative Daily Dry-Bulb Temperature Range

The CBECC-COM software comes with EPW and DDY weather files for locations in each climate zone. The DDY files for reference cities in five of the CEC climate zones (CZ04, 6, 8, 10, 15) have negative values for the November 21 SummerDesign Day "Daily Dry-Bulb Temperature Range" field. This field must be positive, and the negative value causes simulations to fail. Further, these DDY files differ from those available on the EnergyPlus website.

Why is this field negative, and why do these DDY files not match those available on the EnergyPlus website?

The specific locations in these 5 climate zones are: Fullerton, Palm Springs (Intl), Riverside, San Jose-Reid, and Torrance.