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Annual Occupancy schedule design

I have one year experimental data for occupancy and based on that data I want to design an occupancy schedule for the whole year. I want to design schedule in such a way that each day of the year has its own unique schedule, can someone guide me into how the schedule should actually look like in the IDF file? In the schedule:compact section object? I don't want to use the schedule:file object for this purpose. I want to replicate each data line from experimental file as it is in IDF schedule, how can I achieve this?

For example: on Jan 1 at 00:00 not occupied, 01:00 occupied, 02:00 not occupied Jan 2 at 00:00 not occupied, 01:00 not occupied, 02:00 not occupied

in IDF should it be like this: For 01/01 until 00:00 0 until 01:00 1 until 02:00 0 For 01/02 until 00:00 0 until 01:00 0 until 02:00 0

Is this the right way? should I write like this for each 24 hours for each day so in total for 365 days?