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Problems simulating COILS


Im trying to simulate the examples from Buildings.Fluid.HeatExchangers. I have problems with the examples that have a coil on it (like Buildings.Fluid.HeatExchangers.DryCoilCounterFlowMassLow). I always get the same error, I don't want a fast solution, I really want to understand what this problem is about. I searched it on internet but I didn't find a hint about it.

I experienced the problem just checking or simulating the examples from the folder I wrote before. The problem is always the same.

[Buildings.Fluid.HeatExchangers.DryCoilCounterFlow: 109:5-109:77]: Component hex.ele[4].initialize_p1 of variability CONST has binding false of higher variability PARAM.

I hope you can explain to me what is going on.