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BCVTB: how to install new python modules?

I've created a control algorithm in Python that is leveraging some modules such as Numpy or PuLP (for interfacing for MILP solver GLPK).

I was trying to use the Building Control Virtual Test Bed and the underlying Ptolemy, but so far I've found it really hard to use and not user friendly at all, the lack of examples and tutorials out there is really not helping. Anyways, among the many hurdles I'm facing, there's one that will be a deal breaker for me: whether I can actually run my program or not. Note that I could do without NumPy since I know it's problematic at best on Jython but I could not do without PuLP.

It seems that Ptolemy is using some kind of weird Jython. Is there any way to use the system python instead? Or can you install new python modules to Jython?

Alternatively, are there any workarounds I could use?

(at this point I'd even accept a dirty workaround such as exporting values to a csv, call a shell command to execute my system python with my given program, and reimport the value from the CSV?)