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Where are OpenStudio fan schedules?

I know that I can create my own fan operation schedule, but I'm puzzled that they are not included in the default OpenStudio templates. I'm hoping someone can point out that I'm missing something.

My issue is that my only default options are cycling fans or 24/7 fans.

I created a simple model using the OpenStudio plugin in Sketchup and selected the 90.1-2010 template.

In OpenStudio I assigned a PTAC system as zone equipment. The only options I have for "Supply Air Fan Operating Mode Schedule Name" are "Always On Discrete" or "Cycling PTAC Fan Mode Always Zero". Therefore, with these choices the fan either cycle's on/off or runs 24/7. There is not a schedule that matches the thermostat setpoint schedule. In other words, my default office thermostat schedules assume 6am to 10pm operation. But the fans run all the time.

Appears that I need to create a custom schedule so that fan operation matches thermostat operation.

Seems like many users would not notice this, and the result is their models would overpredict fan energy due to 24/7 operation. Is there a reason that the templates due not include fan schedules? What am I missing?

-Erik Kolderup