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Humidity control in split air conditioner (heat pump)

I am using AirLoopHVAC UnitaryHeatpump AirToAir to represent a small split air conditioner in my model. By default the Dehumidification Control Type is put None which means latent loads are not considered. However, my location has a hot and humid summer. So, I was wondering how to represent the humidity control of such a split air conditioner in Energyplus.

I guess, Dehumidification Control Type should be CoolReheat. Is this right? Consequently, I must set a ZoneControl:Humidistat object. But which maximum humidity is assumed?

A further needed input is the ´Supplemental Heating Coil Object Type´. I guess it should be electric, right?

Furthermore, the AirLoopHVAC UnitaryHeatpump AirToAir has a field called ´Supplemental Heating Coil Object Type´. Is this relevant for Dehumidification Control? Which value should be set?

Thanks a lot.