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bash script and usr/bin folder debugging

Hi everyone! Based on your replies of my past Unmet Hours posting (named "script for multiple simulations" link text) I wrote the following bash script that used to run with no problems on a MAC:

while (($END >= 10)) 
    for i in $(seq 10 1 $END)
            runenergyplus NYC_East_FL_500_${i}_${END}.idf NYC_${i}_${END}.epw

However, now that I tried to re-run the script the following problems appear: (a) ./ line 7: runenergyplus: command not found and (b) if I specify the path of runenergyplus (i.e., /Applications/EnergyPlus-8-2-0/runenergyplus), I get the following error: /Applications/EnergyPlus-8-2-0/runenergyplus: line 427: /usr/bin/ExpandObjects: No such file or directory

ln: ./Energy+.idd: File exists /Applications/EnergyPlus-8-2-0/runenergyplus: line 485: /usr/bin/EnergyPlus: No such file or directory

File 'eplusout.end' does not exist. /Applications/EnergyPlus-8-2-0/runenergyplus: line 534: /usr/bin/ReadVarsESO: No such file or directory /Applications/EnergyPlus-8-2-0/runenergyplus: line 535: /usr/bin/ReadVarsESO: No such file or directory

Any tips? FYI: Someone asked a similar question on github as well and there is no answer yet. link text

Thank you in advance!