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Openstudio District Heating and Cooling

Hey all first time poster here. Have read many questions/answers that have helped me with the learning of OpenStudio and how various items can be implemented. That being said I have a question regarding the District Heating and Cooling items in the library.

I am modelling a building that is part of a campus that has a centralized cooling and heating water system. The hot and cool water are then sent to various buildings, including the one I am modelling, and used for heating and cooling them. My problem is I know the components of the various AHUs and that the cooling and heating coils are using this hot water, I just don't know how I should apply this properly. I have the AHU made but I don't know how to connect the coils up with the district heating/cooling.

Do I just make a water loop and add the district heating in the supply portion of the loop and then have a pump and pipe connected to the coil? I think this is the right way to implement this but some guidance would be great.

Thanks in advance. Dustin