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operating air-to-water heatpump at low temperatures ...?

I would like to simulate an air-to-water heatpump for DHW and heating with inlet air = outdooor air at temperatures ranging from appr. -20°C up to +25°C. For this purpose I tried WaterHeaterHeatPump with user-defined performance curves by DataTable:TwoIndependentVariables objects for biquadratic approximations of (relative) heating capacity and COP as functions of outdoor air temperature and water inlet temperature.

However, I did not succeed in making it run without fatal error messages, such as temperature(s) out of range etc.

Maybe the current air-to-water-heatpump object does not allow at all operating conditions with outdoor temperatures below freezing point ?

Is there any work-around ? Are there any plans to implement suitable air-to-water heatpump models for cold climates in future releases ?