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IDF Editor "Objects" portion of window missing

I feel rather silly posting this, but here it goes. This is less of a usage question and more of a "can't figure out why this bug is occurring" question. The issue is that a portion of the IDF Editor window, where you add and enter Object values, is not there. The top portion of the image shows a correctly working IDF Editor, while the bottom portion shows the IDF Editor on the machine with the issue.

image description

Pertinent information

  • Windows 7 x64 machine, up to date
  • v8.3 of IDF Editor, clean install
  • Occurred originally with all versions of E+ (8.3, 8.2, 7.2) installed on machine
  • Occurs on one machine specifically, works fine on another up to date Windows 7 x64 machine
  • User Access Control windows pops up every time IDF Editor is run
  • Can still add, delete, etc. Objects, just can't see them or click on them

Have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, different window layouts, running in compatibility modes, checking permissions on the EPlus install folder.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.