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Utility costs in csv output?

asked 2024-06-26 12:26:59 -0500

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This feels like a dumb/simple question - but is there a way to request these outputs in a meter or variable so they come out in the normal csvs? I can tell that the calculations are working and see the utility rates in the html and other tables, but would like a very simple output text file with just annual energy end uses and utility costs. There doesn't seem to be anything cost related that shows up in the rdd and mdd files that I can find.

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answered 2024-06-26 13:27:51 -0500

I am assuming you are talking about EnergyPlus. For most tariffs, all the calculations occur after the end of the simulation. Essentially, steps involving 12 months of values are performed to do the tariff calculations. At the bottom of the Tariff Report, where it says "Computation Automatic," is a step-by-step procedure of what happens when the tariff is being calculated. You can usually reference the various rows of the tables above to see the results of each step.

The EngineeringRef includes more details on tariff calculation steps.

I said "for most tariffs" since this does not apply to the real-time pricing portion. We have a request to include an output variable for this:

You are welcome to add a comment if you think it would be an important feature to add.

If I am misunderstanding your question and you just want these tables as CSV tables, you can always use OutputControl:Table:Style, CommaAndHTML;

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Thanks Jason, yes that answers my question and is what I was gathering. I'll comment on the request.

bbrannon4's avatar bbrannon4  ( 2024-06-26 13:51:12 -0500 )edit

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