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Anyone know how to make a split AC system on Energyplus

asked 2024-03-07 08:48:46 -0500

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updated 2024-03-08 07:18:43 -0500

Hey guys,

I'm trying to simulate a split ac system on energyplus but I'm a bit lost as to what HVAC templates to use or if it's even possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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2 Answers

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answered 2024-03-07 22:08:45 -0500

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You can start with HVACTemplate objects.

for split unit DX system, each zones will need :

HVACTemplate:Thermostat object to control the temperature within setpoint schedules.

HVACTemplate:Zone:Unitary for the demand side indoor unit

HVACTemplate:System:Unitary for the supply side system unit.

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Thank you, I've have tried this but it won't run and it keeps giving me this error, which I can't figure out to fix :/ izeAirLoopBranches: AirLoopHVAC AIR LOOP CLG TZ1 has air flow less than 1.0000E-003 m3/s. * ~~~ * Primary air system volumetric flow rate = 0.0000 m3/s. * ~~~ * Check flow rate inputs for components in this air loop and, * ~~~ * if autosized, check Sizing:Zone and Sizing:System objects and related inputs.

izzyph's avatar izzyph  ( 2024-03-08 07:34:39 -0500 )edit

can you try adding more design days? probably try adding all the 12 monthly design days data to SizingPeriod:DesignDay

and make sure all the supply flow rates from the hvac template input are autosized.

if the problem persist, can you upload your model / idf file here?

bentan's avatar bentan  ( 2024-03-08 21:47:07 -0500 )edit

answered 2024-03-11 19:35:02 -0500

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I use PTHP. It's a zone level piece of equipment and you won't have to deal with the air loop branches.

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