Invalid partition location in domain

asked 2023-05-03 04:32:00 -0500

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updated 2023-05-04 07:23:11 -0500

Good morning, I am trying to make the following schematic in open studio and I get the following error message. I have been looking at this question:

The schematics made so far are the 3 links to drive at the bottom.

Can someone tell me where is the error in the system?

How could I add the additional boiler?

Scheme to be translated into OS:

Schemes realized:

Best regards, Pablo

* Severe * PlantPipingSystems::CreatePartitionRegionList: Invalid partition location in domain. * ~~~ * Occurs during mesh development for domain=HorizontalTrenchDomain 1 * ~~~ * A pipe or basement is located outside of the domain**strong text**
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