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Installing EnergyPlus from .exe file vs. just downloading contents of the EnergyPlus folder directly?

asked 2022-12-15 11:38:22 -0500

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updated 2022-12-15 11:51:26 -0500

Is there a functional difference between installing a version of EnergyPlus from an .exe file, vs. simply downloading and saving the entire EnergyPlus program folder locally on your machine? The latter being the entire folder containing EPLaunch, IDFEditor, along with all the example files, etc. (for example, a zip archive of this folder sent by a colleague).

It seems that in either case, the end result is a folder called "EnergyPlus9-5-0" (or other version), with the necessary files and executables to interact with the program.

Assuming of course that the contents of the EnergyPlus file weren't modified in any way before being shared.

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answered 2022-12-15 11:58:32 -0500

Yes, for Windows (since you referenced an exe and those utilities, I am presuming that is the OS) the installer adds DLL's and OCX's so that the everything works. I think this may be limited to the utilities with user interfaces like EP-Launch and IDF Editor. They probably won't work if you don't use the installer. You might be able to use the EnergyPlus.exe directly, I'm not sure if that depends on anything that uses a DLL.

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Asked: 2022-12-15 11:38:22 -0500

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