ComputeIntSolarAbsorpFactors error with AirBoundary?

asked 2022-11-07 01:21:34 -0600

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updated 2022-12-02 09:31:23 -0600

I have a following severe errror.

   ** Severe  ** ComputeIntSolarAbsorpFactors: Solar distribution model is set to place solar gains on the zone floor,
   **   ~~~   ** but Zone or Enclosure ="Solar Enclosure 1" does not appear to have any floor surfaces.
   **   ~~~   ** Solar gains will be spread evenly on all surfaces in the zone, and the simulation continues...

I have read previous posts (1 and 2) related to the ComputeIntSolarAbsorpFactors error, but my case seems different from them. I have modelled with Rhino + Grasshopper.

There is no Zone name "Solar Enclosure 1" in my model. I can't identify where "Solar Enclosure 1" is, but what comes to mind is the that I'm using Construction:AirBoundary to floors/ceilings of some zones.

image description

  1. Do we get the ComputeIntSolarAbsorpFactors error when Construction:AirBoundary is used as in my sketch above? Or is there another cause?
  2. Can I ignore this error?
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