Ice Thermal storage only charging for 1 hour

asked 2021-10-03 02:06:52 -0500

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updated 2022-02-18 17:09:44 -0500

I have a factory running 24 hours and want to add TES to utilize cheaper tariffs at night. I am using Inject IDF Objects to inject the charge and discharge schedules to the detailed Ice thermal object. Ice storage connected downstream of chiller and all setpoints are -4C at night and 7C during the day. The ice storage is working but charging to full, as it is only charging for 2 hours in the morning at the end of the off peak time. I have double checked all of my schedules to make sure they are at freezing temps at the right time. Availability of all hardware is always on. Is there some other place that I am missing a schedule or am I not understanding the logic to charge the TES correctly? Link to files

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