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I am designing a high-rise apartment block, and I am encountering problems when runnning the model after adding a hot water system (see screenshot below).

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Before including hot water into the HVAC system, the model was running smoothly. Once I included a hot water system (with schedules), this error began appearing. I started over again with a previous version (v.9), saving the model at every step (created 5 versions: 9B, 9C, 9D, 9E, 9F). The problem began occurring in version E when I add hot water connections.

Additionally, I get this warning when the simulation starts and terminates. Each time I double-check that nothing related to the model (not even the Windows "File Explorer" tab) is open. Yet I get the same error and warning message time and time again. This creates a significant problem as no ERR file is generated (as OS cannot find the model's additional documents file), so I can't troubleshoot my problem.

What really concerns me is that when I now run previous versions (9B, 9C, 9D), which had previously run successfully, they also fail at the same point with the same warning message.

I have tried searching for my solution on this page:

  • This post discusses a similar issue, and the solution is to check the measures used. I previously used a measure to create heat pump loops for all apartments to regulate internal air temperature. Could it be that my HP measure is clashing with the hot water system? If this is the problem, why would previous versions be affected?

  • This post describes a similar issue, the solution is to go on the "Simulation Control" section in the "Simulations Settings" tab, and turn on the sizing boxes. This has not worked for me.

The files from the model in which I first began encountering the problem can be located in the ApartmentBlock_London_ORGFAIL file in this Google Drive:

UPDATE: To proceed with a different task (humidification) I have used the v.9 osm file, located it in a brand new folder, and renamed the file. I still get the same failure and still no error file. To confirm that my application is not corrupt, I have deleted and reinstalled OpenStudio.Still the same error. However, there does seem to be an error in the "run.txt" file. This model and its simulation files are in the ApartmentBlock_London_HUM file in the Google Drive.

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It turns out that there are two separate problems: 1. Solved: The reason for the simulations failing on previous models (which ran successfully in previous simulations) was the duplication of the OpenStudio Results (Reporting Measure) 2. Not Solved: The reason for the model with the hot water failing is that there is a clash with between applying the “Add a PSZ-HP to each zone” HVAC measure and adding a hot water loop to the HVAC system afterwards

Why does the HVAC measure clash with the hot water system???

Alejandro Lopez's avatar Alejandro Lopez  ( 2021-09-30 08:02:24 -0600 )edit