Why the cooling energy in solar based vapor absorption chiller system is not shown the result in OpenStudio?

asked 2021-09-05 05:19:24 -0600

According to the simulation about solar based vapor absorption chiller system (SVACs), I've already done the model (mock-up) by Sketchup to be used in OpenStudio. Firstly, I provided the system in 3 water sides (i.e., chilled water, cooling water and hot water). However, the results about cooling water and hot water were reasonable, but the cooling cooling energy (by chilled water side) was not shown the result. (too small of amount of electricity consumption for cooling, also cooling capacity (BTU/H).). Moreover, the chiller water temperature inlet to cooling coil (FCU) did not make sense.

The questions are : 1./ The created system was correct, wasn't it? 2./ Why the amount of cooling did not occur the result?

The attachment are as follows : 1./ SVACs system (in OpenStudio) 2./ System results

Download link : https://wetransfer.com/downloads/e21c...

Thank you in advance. Varakorn K.

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