ResStock Autosizing Algorithm

asked 2021-06-11 15:50:13 -0500

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ResStock v2.2.4 uses load calcs from Manual J along with Manual Sizing S procedures from ACCA to size HVAC.

When opening the IDFs generated by PAT, we noticed that the capacities and airflow rates for equipment in the IDFs were hard-sized rather than autosized. Even though ResStock was "autosizing," when the osm models generated by PAT were forward translated to E+ IDFs before being run on AWS cloud, the HVAC equipment in the IDF has hard-sized values. These capacity and airflow values are being calculated through the hvac_sizing.rb script (which codifies Manual J/S) rather than specifying E+ to autosize.

If I want ResStock to autosize for an 80 deg F cooling, heating, and dehumidification setpoint, what are the appropriate edits I need to make to hvac_sizing.rb?

I have implemented the following changes below, is that sufficient?

image description

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