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how to generate a baseline in designbuilder

asked 2020-11-13 07:05:20 -0600

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updated 2020-11-14 10:01:51 -0600

hi everyone, i have been working in a project in a while, and at this point i wanted to generate a baseline for the building but i can't find this icone C:\fakepath\Capture.PNG so i creat i new project where i defined it to be ashrae and i imported the project (i can't restart it from 0), now i i can generate the baseline from that icone but when i simulate the project i got this message C:\fakepath\Capture1.PNG can you please explain to me where is the problem ?

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answered 2020-11-14 04:15:06 -0600

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I'd suggest you read the DesignBuilder LEED and ASHRAE 90.1 User Guide here, which covers both setting up a 90.1 model from scratch and also converting an existing model:

If you still can't figure it out then I'd suggest raising a ticket on our support desk.

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thank you so much

oussama-ka's avatar oussama-ka  ( 2020-11-14 14:34:07 -0600 )edit

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