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openstudio losing weather file and measures

asked 2020-08-10 18:38:39 -0500

xchen's avatar

updated 2020-08-17 19:26:50 -0500

I have been having problem with openstudio that it just "randomly" (random as I couldn't figure out why and couldn't find any specific thing I do related to this issue) goes straight into error after starting a run. The log file shows the weather file and measures are not there, thus the error. But these are in the model when I first open the file. At some point (when i click run?), they are just gone. Then I need to restart the program (it won't let me select the weather file within the same session), select the weather file and add back in all the measures.

I'm not sure if anyone else has the same problem. Is it a computer setting (I use windows 10) or something. It happen quite often on my machine. I have had this issue with earlier versions of openstudio as well as the more recent v2.8.1.

Edit: Here's the error i got from the log file.

[17:03:16.817547 ERROR] Found error in state 'reporting_measures' with message ["Cannot find SetOutputTableToIPunits::/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.3.3/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/measure.rb:45:in `block in apply_measures'\n:/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.3.3/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/measure.rb:32:in `each_index'\n:/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.3.3/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/measure.rb:32:in `apply_measures'\n:/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.3.3/lib/openstudio/workflow/jobs/run_reporting_measures.rb:85:in `perform'\n:/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.3.3/lib/openstudio/workflow/run.rb:269:in `step'\n:/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.3.3/lib/openstudio/workflow/run.rb:216:in `run'\n:/openstudio_cli.rb:975:in `execute'\n:/openstudio_cli.rb:763:in `execute'\n:/openstudio_cli.rb:1746:in `<main>'\neval:110:in `eval'\neval:110:in `require_embedded_absolute'\neval:95:in `block in require'\neval:89:in `each'\neval:89:in `require'\neval:3:in `<main>'"]}

When this error occurs, the "file", "measures", and "reports" folders disappear. The "run" folder stays.

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Do your issues happen when you have the OSM companion directory open in Windows Explorer? If so, you might be seeing this issue which has been fixed and will be available in the next OpenStudio Application release.

macumber's avatar macumber  ( 2020-08-10 21:41:17 -0500 )edit

is the OSM companion directory the folder where i save the osm file? or the file output folder?

xchen's avatar xchen  ( 2020-08-11 14:00:11 -0500 )edit

I tried open the file output folder and the run folder in windows explorer, the error didn't occur. Seems not related to this issue.

xchen's avatar xchen  ( 2020-08-11 15:10:49 -0500 )edit

Can you paste the file path and file name of one of your failing models? I wonder if unicode characters in the path is an issue? Also, is your issue possibly related to ?

macumber's avatar macumber  ( 2020-08-18 08:49:36 -0500 )edit

typical path and file name i use, C:\Users\xchen\Desktop\local_files\ms\os\5zone_senVAV_v281_dhw.osm. I don't use the openstudio measure. But I always have the SI to IP measure (energyplus) added.

xchen's avatar xchen  ( 2020-08-21 17:53:00 -0500 )edit

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answered 2020-08-11 13:13:00 -0500

TheEnergyTutor's avatar

updated 2020-08-11 13:13:25 -0500

i think it's this issue. Try again but close windows explorer first. I get those same errors when this occurs.

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