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Common areas for multifamily in BeOpt

asked 2020-07-22 08:59:17 -0600

et gravatar image

updated 2020-07-22 09:03:00 -0600

I am modelling a 6 unit building in BeOpt. This building has shared common areas, including a craft room and a communal kitchen. For now I have modeled all common areas as corridors, but this leaves them with no windows. Maybe I should model them as separate units - but I can't create a unit with 0 baths. You can see I have too much corridor but I'm not sure how to effectively model this extra space that is not living area. image description

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answered 2020-07-22 09:25:09 -0600

et gravatar image

image description

I thinik I've decided to add the common area as a new unit (Unit 7). This is mainly because BeOpt doesn't put any windows or doors in corridor area.

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