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Python Plugin/EMS system

asked 2020-05-11 14:47:24 -0500

updated 2020-05-12 07:49:58 -0500

Recently, DOE has released EnergyPlus version 9.3 with one remarkable new features:

"a Python Plugin/EMS system"

I looked in the E+ documentation, but I couldn't find anything about this new feature. I don't know if its relevant. But it would be helpful to discuss new capabilities that this feature brings to the E+ co-simulation and also address its limitations! Other than how to use it, I wonder that does it facilitates using other python libraries to perform real-time tasks like advanced control strategies and optimizations? Is it just like BCTVB? Is it still under development? ...

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-05-11 15:32:28 -0500

Yes, the PythonPlugin was added in the 9.3.0 release of EnergyPlus and is explained here:


Some issues were found after the 9.3.0 release which I believe is going to result in a bug fix release, see 7927

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Asked: 2020-05-11 14:47:24 -0500

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