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LEED ENERGY MODEL, number of chillers

asked 2020-03-12 15:58:15 -0600

updated 2020-03-13 16:14:54 -0600


We are working on a large project which has 10 customized Chillers each chiller over 2,000 tons.

When I model the baseline, the total cooling capacity is 32,000 tons which comes down to 40 chillers per Appendix G Table G3.1.3.7. Perhaps is there any exemption we might apply? We find a bit odd to model 40 chillers.

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-03-24 07:04:46 -0600

In my personal opinion, there is no exception to G3.1.3.7 in any version of 90.1 that has been published. It is odd to have to model 40 chillers but, I believe, that is the result of cooling capacity you found for your baseline.

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Asked: 2020-03-12 15:58:15 -0600

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