What depth does the Site:GroundTemperature:Undisturbed:KusudaAchenbach object assume is being considered?

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I am using this object to model ground temperature for a vertical borefield ground heat exchanger as part of a GSHP plant. I am curious to know if this calculation model makes a built-in assumption about the depth at which heat transfer is being calculated, as it is does not appear to be a property that I can specify within the object parameters.

The only place in the model that this object is referenced is in the Undisturbed Ground Temperature Model Type property within the GroundHeatExchanger:System object. The only other alternative to a built-in depth assumption that I can imagine is that the model somehow uses the heat exchanger depth (either average depth or continuously over it's length), in the GroundHeatExchanger:Vertical:Properties object, as the depth at which ground temperature is calculated.


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I think Kusuda-Achenbach is just a model of temperature in the ground and doesn't have a specific depth or temperature. It is the ground heat exchanger that would be requesting temperatures at various depths. I would suggest you read the documentation on the components you are using in the Engineering Reference to get a better understanding.

JasonGlazer gravatar image JasonGlazer  ( 2020-02-26 08:56:43 -0600 )edit