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Utility Tariff not calculating midPeak the first month

asked 2020-02-14 15:25:24 -0500

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updated 2020-02-14 15:41:49 -0500

I have a time of use electricity schedule and there's a couple weird things going on with it. First, the summer blocks are being used a month early, but at the same time the summer midPeak energy is not being calculated in that first erroneous month, but is being calculated correctly for the months after. Here's a google drive link to the file. I know it's probably a silly mistake on my part, but there aren't that many places to look for errors. There's the season schedule, TOU schedule, Utility Tariff and Block objects. Any idea what's going on?

The season schedule definitely has summer starting 6/1 too.

    Electricity Season Schedule,  !- Name
    Any Number,              !- Schedule Type Limits Name
    Through: 5/31,           !- Field 1
    For: AllDays,            !- Field 2
    Until: 24:00,            !- Field 3
    1,                       !- Field 4
    Through: 9/30,           !- Field 5
    For: AllDays,            !- Field 6
    Until: 24:00,            !- Field 7
    3,                       !- Field 8
    Through: 12/31,          !- Field 9
    For: AllDays,            !- Field 10
    Until: 24:00,            !- Field 11
    4;                       !- Field 12

image description

The only Block with midPeak is during Summer, so I can't figure it out. (The writing is big enough to read if you open the image in a new tab.)

image description

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@JasonGlazer You know you're way around the Tariff objects, right? Any idea what's going on?

mldichter's avatar mldichter  ( 2020-02-14 15:29:45 -0500 )edit

@mldichter weird. I will take a look

JasonGlazer's avatar JasonGlazer  ( 2020-02-18 16:10:09 -0500 )edit

@JasonGlazer Any luck with this?

mldichter's avatar mldichter  ( 2020-02-24 10:44:28 -0500 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2020-02-26 07:42:01 -0500

updated 2020-02-26 07:47:19 -0500

I think the question should really be why are any of the summer month calculations happening in May. When I removed the RunPeriodControl:DaylightSavingTime object so there was no daylight saving time, the summer tariff calculations started in June like you expected. So this is a bug in EnergyPlus that needs to be fixed. I posed issue 7814 so that it can be fixed in the future. You can see in the IsWinter and IsSummer native variables that the summer is shown to start a month early than it should be.

As far as why the MidPeak doesn't seem to be getting calculated in May, it does start a few hours later according to the TOU schedule, maybe that is why.

For a workaround you can remove the RunPeriodControl:DaylightSavingTime or (I did not test this) you can try changing the season and TOU schedules to start the summer an hour later, that might fix it.

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@JasonGlazer We ended up making summer start a day later, and that seems to have fixed it. Thanks!

mldichter's avatar mldichter  ( 2020-02-27 19:54:45 -0500 )edit

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