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Any plan to implement HVACTemplate:Plant:CentralHeatPumpSystem

asked 2019-12-26 21:16:16 -0600

katsuya.obara's avatar

I want to use CentralHeatPump in easy way.
I tried to find this component in HVACTemplate but could not find.
Since central heat pump system is popular in cold area, would be really helpful if HVACTemplate:Plant:CentralHeatPumpSystem is implemented in future version of energyplus.
Area there any plan?

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-12-30 09:40:36 -0600

I don't believe there are any plans for that. You might want to post a new issue on the EnergyPlus GitHub if you want it considered in the future.

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Asked: 2019-12-26 21:16:16 -0600

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