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Error: No windows found in selection matching given construction.

asked 2019-12-12 11:13:15 -0500

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updated 2020-01-15 11:27:30 -0500

Hi Every one. I want to use the "add Wind and Stack Open Area" measure to control the opening schedule of my windows. I face this error : No windows found in selection matching given construction. This means your model lacks windows or lacks windows with the specified construction.

I have checked the discussion in this link :

So I have define a construction in the measure argument and I have checked that the construction has been applied to my windows ( subsurface) But the error still exist. Any idea how can I skip this error? Or is there any other ways in open studio to define the opening schedule of windows? Thanks

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1 Answer

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answered 2022-06-25 14:25:56 -0500

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Hello, I'm having the same issue and getting this message too (No windows found in selection matching given construction). Can anyone help please ?

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Asked: 2019-12-12 11:13:15 -0500

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