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modelling termodeck - hollow core slabs

asked 2019-11-05 04:33:35 -0500

thirus gravatar image

updated 2020-01-03 09:18:56 -0500

Does EnergyPlus has models to support hollow core slabs used to ventilate and use its thermal mass behaviors in cold and hot climates.

client is interested to use and i want to analyse its performances using thermal modelling.

any thoughts please share . thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-11-06 06:37:06 -0500

I'm not familiar with termodeck but after looking at their web site for a few minutes,I think you want to use ZoneHVAC:VentilatedSlab or ZoneHVAC:VentilatedSlabGroup. They are documented in the InputOutputReference included in EnergyPlus under the Group-Radiative/Convective Units or online here.

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Thanks , interesting I am looking for the same.


Cheers man

thirus gravatar imagethirus ( 2019-11-06 06:41:57 -0500 )edit

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